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Crypto Currency Training

AltcoinTurkey provides online/offline cryptocurrency and blockchain training to individuals or groups, which is easily accessible from anywhere in Turkey.

AltcoinTurkey is a training platform designed for individuals and groups who are new to cryptocurrency trading. In addition to learning the strategies for making the best trading decisions in the cryptocurrency market that is highly volatile; participants also learn the basics of the technological infrastructure that powers the blockchain, which is also the foundation under cryptocurrencies. The main goal of these trainings is to make them accessible to users with no or little knowledge of cryptocurrency concepts, analytics, or blockchain technology. Trainings are designed by leading educators in the cryptocurrency market using years of research and learning experience.

What does AltcoinTurkey cryptocurrency training include?

  • Introduction to the blockchain
  • Introduction to cryptocurrency
  • Basic analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Using TradingView
  • Risk management and market psychology


I don't have any knowledge about crypto coins; can I still attend your trainings?

Absolutely! Our trainings are designed for all people who have and don’t have knowledge about crypto coins.

What is the cost of these trainings?

Prices vary for the training package you want to receive as individuals or groups. Please contact us for more information.

Will I be able to earn from crypto currencies after receiving the training?

Our tutorials contain the best information users can use for their tradings, including fundamental and technical analysis. However, users need to consider the risks involved, as the cryptocurrency market itself is greatly volatile.



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